EZTV3 Info. Page

         I thought about how great these Boxes are and how little people know about their existence. They are completely legal and legit. They sell them on Amazon for $379.97 check it out Click Here.  To sell anything on Amazon it must be a legal product. 

            I am amazed how you can watch The latest Movies, any of your favorite TV Shows, Premium Channel Shows that are on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Netflix and so many more.Pay Per View UFC Fights Any NFL Game, College Games, etc. For Free. I am in no way an expert on these boxes but I have bought several different types and paid a lot of different prices. I have learned most of what I know about them on the Internet, Youtube and through trial and error. Some of these boxes advertise fully loaded but thats just not true. This is by far the best box I've used so far. The EZTV3 does come fully loaded with Kodi and all the Addons it takes to get everything for Free, in other words Plug and Play. This is the only box out there that has a built in Camera,  comes with a keyboard and wireless mouse as well. You can Browse the Internet or Check your Email, Video Chat with a push of a button on the remote. Its got tons of games for the Kids and Adults.  Most anything you need to know about these boxes you can find out on Youtube. Literally just do a search on whatever you want to do and there will be tons of videos that will walk you through it. I will give you some examples that can help get you started if you're not familiar with Kodi and how to navigate through it.

1. I want to learn more about the EZTV3 Multi Media Box. Setup, Demos, Reviews, etc.. Click Here

2. How do I watch movies and tv shows on Kodi. Click Here

3. How do I watch Free Pay Per View, UFC, Boxing, Wrestling, etc..on Kodi. Click Here

4.How do I get more Add ons for Kodi. Click Here

5. How to check my connection speed on Kodi. Click Here

6. How can I buy an EZTV3 Box. You can purchase online from my Homepage or Click Here    1 Box    $250.00

                                                                                                                                                   2 Boxes $450.00

                                                                                                                                                   3 or more $200.00 each

7. We offer an in Home Setup and Tutorial  add $75.00 to your order. There are no shipping charges if you are in the Charleston area. Free Hand Delivery to Your Home. Just fill out the form and specify how many units and an address if different from your billing address and if you would like installation and tutorial.  You can call after your order to make a time we can bring you your new EZTV3.  843-530-5332