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The Man Behind the Crown- David Ferguson

Pressure Wash King is one of the oldest and most reputable companies that has been operating in the Charleston, SC area, as well as the whole lowcountry area, for more than 35 years. Our business is owned and operated by David Ferguson, popularly known as the pressure wash king. We mostly clean residential places, but we clean commercial places as well, including vinyl-sided housing, awnings, stucco, driveways, brick steps, wood decks, barbeque pits, wooden fences, and gates.

To show that we greatly value our customers, we offer add-on services like sparkle window wash, along with a  thorough cleaning of the windows and our pressure cleaning services for all of our clients. We also provide PlexMaster/Sealant which resembles waxing and prevents grime from easily accumulating on your surfaces. Although pressure washing can cause damage if not done properly, you don’t need to worry because our experts will use the correct nozzle, pressure setting, and spraying distance to get the best results. We clean home exteriors, driveways, painted siding, and concrete areas as well, but the only thing we don’t clean in residential areas is the roof.

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Not only do we always arrive on time and offer services that exceed our customers’ expectations, but Pressure Wash King removes cobwebs, grime, dirt, grease, mold, smoke, soot, bird excrement, and other problems. As we offer pressure cleaning services in Summerville, SC, Mt. Pleasant, SC, Charleston, SC, and the entire lowcountry/tri-county area, our costs are affordable, with an explanation of the fee structure given to our clients depending on the extent of work that needs to be done.

Moreover, we are very flexible and can clean different homes using different techniques depending on the areas that need cleaning. We offer a wide range of cleaning services to both residents and commercial premises, as some home exteriors need little to no pressure when cleaning, yet others need high pressure. Essentially, we use different tactics based on the nature of the surface that needs to be cleaned.

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